Healing has the effect of purifying and improving negative emotions that have accumulated in the heart.Everyone has the experience of feeling better and lighter when listening to beautiful music or smelling a nice aroma.
Just like music and aromas, healing has the effect of purifying negative emotions and lightening the mind.
It is also an effect of healing to bring out the natural healing power and heal mental and physical fatigue.
Healing the body and mind is the natural healing power of the person himself, but healing strengthens the natural healing power and supports healing oneself.
Healing has a relaxing effect on the mind and body.
By restoring the unbalanced mind and body, the tense parts of the body become easier and you can relax both physically and mentally.

Healing Session Menu

Basic Comprehensive Healing 60 minutes 6,000 yen ~

Chakra healing 70 minutes 7,000 yen ~

Complete reservation system (accepted by email)

We will inform the applicant of the detailed address.

Disclaimer for receiving healing sessions

Due to improvement reactions, detoxification, etc., some people may experience sudden fevers, headaches, physical changes in their bodies, and actual changes in their relationships and surroundings. Healing is never done without consent.

Healing does not guarantee or promise the effect because there are individual differences in how the energy feels and the effect.

Session content and personal information will never be leaked outside.

Please agree to the disclaimer, and please note that refunds cannot be made after payment has been made.

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Hand healing

Since ancient times, before the spread of Western medicine, it is one of the folk remedies that everyone casually took when they were sick.
In today's world, which is said to be a stressful society, life energy is weakened due to excessive fatigue and stress due to work, relationships, financial problems, etc., and various disorders occur in the mind and body.
When we are surrounded and filled with this life energy, we can live in good health and vitality.
Receiving hand healing has the effect of removing the stress and anxiety that has accumulated in the mind and body, giving healing and making your feelings easier.

Hand healing is a natural ability that humans have, so anyone can use it just by learning how to do it.

Once you can do hand healing, you can easily heal yourself with hand healing anytime, heal your family, lovers, friends, pets, etc. when they are tired, purify your room, purify food and drink. . It can be used effectively in various situations.

If you want to learn hand healing, please feel free to ask the staff.


Qigong is a 4,000-year-old health practice in China.
"Ki" in Qigong means energy, feeling, etc. This Ki is also cosmic energy, life energy, and love energy.

There are many types of infinite energy around us, such as "light", "heat", and "solar energy". In addition, everything in the world, including the human body and thoughts, is made of energy.

"Qigong" is a method of training the mind and body while breathing slowly to make them healthy.

What is mahikarikou?

The healer of mahikarikou is like a "pipe", and when hand healing is performed on the body of the other person, the light of cosmic life energy flows through the body of the healer who has a mark to receive light.
After that, the light received by the healer flows through the healer's hand (Lao Gong in the center of the palm) to the person receiving hand healing.

Central Sun

Our soul is part of the Central Sun. that split spirit is.
The Central Sun (ultra-higher energy, cosmic source light, innate light) is felt as a light that emits a strong, platinum-colored glow. Located at the center of the entire universe, it is the infinite source of energy that brings all creation to life.

Outside Qigong (training type)

Qigong masters who practice qigong are said to have a short lifespan. This is because, because of the training type, the medical treatment exhausts one's energy, and the recipient's evil spirits cannot be purified.

Outside Qigong (intermediary type)

Intermediary type Qigong is literally a method of relaying power from something other than yourself and sending it to the recipient.
Others are the light of the cosmic origin, the chi in the void of nature, and the consciousness of other dimensions.
The Intermediary type does not consume its own Ki, so even if you treat many people in one day, you will not get tired.
In addition, it is almost unaffected by the evil energy of the recipient who received the treatment.

Mahikarikou falls under the Intermediary type.